Monday, August 21, 2017


Sad news to report in the McDot world: My grandma passed away Friday afternoon. Her health had been declining recently and over the past week she had been in and out of consciousness. We were told by the hospice nurse that she was "actively dying". She had a long life (92 years long), but it's still sad to know she won't be here with us any longer.

A picture of my grandma from 1940

My grandparents got married in April of 1946

I mailed her a card at the beginning of last week when we had been given the prognosis letting her know I heard Jesus was calling her home, to go - enjoy eternity and I'd see her soon. Sometimes folks just need to know they can let go.

A picture my mom snapped of the card.
PS It arrived about an hour after she passed. 

I don't know where the nickname came from (although, if I had to guess I'd probably say it was either my brother or my cousin Casey who came up with it), but she was affectionately known as Grama-Rama to us kids.

My mom, grandma and I during the summer of 1985

My grandma with the grand kids in the winter of 1986

We are thankful she passed peacefully. She won't be having a funeral, service, viewing or memorial, but that doesn't mean we won't celebrate her life every chance we get. She was an integral part of our lives and will be forever missed.

What name did you call your grandma?


San said...

I am so sorry to hear about your grandma's passing... but it sounds like she had a full life and a great family! <3

I called my grandma "Oma" (German for grandma) :)

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful celebration of her life. I am fortunate to have had all four grandparents in my life, my father's parents passing at ages 103 and 100. I hope that Grama-Rama is enjoying eternity with all of her beloved friends and family, and when the gates open for you, I'm sure a warm hug will await.

Unknown said...

My Dad's mom was Memere (mem-may) (french canadian) and my Mom's mom was Mema. I lost Mem in 2014 and lost Mema in 2016, but got to have them for a good chunk of my life, I still miss them everyday. Sorry for your loss and lots of hugs being sent your way