Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday Favorites

WHOOO HOOOO! Friday's finally here! I swear it seemed like this week was never-ending... Or maybe it was just me who thought the weekend may never get here. Anywho, it's time to focus on the good and share some of my favorite things I've been loving lately. Don't worry, I won't delay any longer... let's jump right into my FRIDAY FAVORITES!

Brooks Heritage Line

I believe I mentioned this line before, but since the rumors are true and the shoes are going back into the vault soon I had to stock up. This week I got a shipment of three pairs of Women's Chariot Heritage Shoes that I am in love with. And apparently I got my order in just in time because the color-ways that I picked up are no longer on the website.

Wedding Anniversaries

Wednesday the hubby and I celebrated our NINTH wedding anniversary. Okay, so, maybe I should mention this... I do not like getting gifts. Don't get me wrong, I am always appreciative, but I feel like I "need' so little that I normally would prefer folks spent their money on giving to others in need. With that said, I don't love our anniversary because of presents, in fact the hubby and I normally don't exchange any type of gifts, but I love it because we put a lot of work and effort into our marriage that I'm stoked we are defeating the odds. Nine years down (fourteen together), forever to go!

Dried Pineapple

I normally don't buy it often at the grocery store because it is a fairly expensive "treat" (not to mention I can down a bag in one sitting), but recently it was on sale and I have been loving it lately. I know, I know, it is crazy high in sugar, but I justify it by telling myself it is better than snacking on candy. And don't get me started on yogurt covered raisins ;)


Sweet Emails

How often do we think something but never say it? I got a sweet email the other day and have kept it in my inbox as a reminder that things you do DO make a difference. If you see something beautiful, speak it! If you love someone, tell them! You never know when the moment may pass, so take advantage of every second and SPREAD KINDNESS!

What are you loving lately?

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San said...

The Brooks Heritage Line is so pretty <3

Happy anniversary, the photos are so sweet!