Friday, August 4, 2017

Friday Favorites

The hubby and I are currently out of town (visiting Lake Tahoe to celebrate the marriage of some amazing folks), but that doesn't mean I'll leave you without a list of some of my recent faves. So, without further ado, let's do this thang!

Helping "Mighty Jake" Celebrate 15

Would you join me in sending a birthday card to "Mighty Jake"? He suffers from mitochondrial disease, which keeps his body from restoring energy and leaves the boy feeling drained. The disease, which has no cure, will ultimately lead to organ failure. Jake has been confined to a bed for the last several years. On August 28, Jake will turn 15. His mother started a campaign to try and get Jake 100,000 birthday cards. Will you help grant a terminally ill boy's birthday wish?

To send "Mighty Jake" cards, they can be mailed to:

               Jacob Priestley
               P.O Box 855
               Queen Creek, AZ 85124

Going Green and Helping Pups

While we were in San Francisco, we stayed at Hotel Zeppelin. It was a pretty awesome hotel (if you remember in my San Francisco Marathon recap, there was a game room with FREE SKEE BALL), but that's not why I loved it so much. When we walked into the room I saw a door hangtag and I was STOKED! The hubby and I normally leave the "Do Not Disturb" hangtag on our door. We can can clean up after ourselves and don't need new towels after every use. Well, Hotel Zeppelin donates a portion of the revenue from your stay to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in your name if you put the card on your door and go green! SIGN US UP! 


I just recently found this game. Friends of mine invited me to play one night while we were camping and since then we've played a couple of times. I really enjoy it. I'm not sure if you've played before, but it's sort of like a mix between Rummy and Dominos. The part that I like best is that everyone can play off the board, so it opens up a lot more moves and keeps everyone engaged and on their toes. PS Yes, I realize I am becoming an old lady when a game night of Rummikub sounds like a hip-happenin' night of fun ;)


Hide And Seek Videos

A few days ago I had shared a video I took of Ryan playing hide-and-seek with Walt the Wiener Dog on my Instagram stories. A friend of mine replied and asked if I had seen the video of the parents who strapped a GoPro onto their toddler and played hide-and-seek with him. Neither the hubby nor I had, so to YouTube we went. It was pretty awesome, so in case you were like us and hadn't seen it, I thought I'd share ;)

Dirtbag Runners Buffs

I know I'm late to the game on buffs (can you believe I just recently used one for the first time?!), but I'm pretty much sold on them now (more to come in a future post). Anywho, Dirtbag Runners reopened their store this past week and added some buffs to their product line. As soon as the hubby saw them he was IN LOVE, so we will probably order a couple. (His favorite is the "not so mellow yellow" color.)

And now it's time to enjoy the weekend! Feel free to follow me on social media (@CarleeMcDot on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc) if you wanna see our Lake Tahoe adventures, otherwise I'm sure I'll recap them once we return.

What are you loving lately?

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