Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Handful Bras FLASH SALE

Remember when I posted about becoming a Handful Bra ambassador a few weeks back?! And how I said that although I was SUPER STOKED for myself YOU should be pumped too?! Well, here's one of the reasons. I was able to chat with the lovely ladies of Handful to get a FLASH SALE for my friends, family, and followers (you all are THAT special to me).

So, here's the deets - Handful just added more products to their CLOSEOUT section of their site (meaning everything is already at a killer discount), but if you order between today and Friday evening you will save EVEN MORE!

PS I would appreciate no one counting the number of bras I have and telling the
hubby how much I've spent... seeing as I've never bought them for as cheap as they
are now being offered... #OurLittleSecret 

If you order NOW, you will be able to get your hands on these bras for $20, which is nearly 60% off the original price (and almost unheard of)! I promise you, once you give these bras a try you will see they are worth every penny (even when they aren't crazily marked down)! Also, I swear I am not trying to sound like an infomercial, but I just really don't want you to miss out on a deal as crazy amazing as this one!

Take about versatile! You can wear the straps on these bras THREE different ways! 

And, just in case you are new to these parts, believe me when I tell you, I will only share a product that I fully believe in and stand behind. Just take a look at my Instagram account to see Handful all over (because when it's summer in SoCal, you join the #SportsBraSquad and rock your Handful bra loud and proud with no shame of who sees it).

I cannot stress the urgency enough - this deal (or the inventory) will NOT last, so make sure to take advantage of it and stock up NOW! The size large bras have already completely sold out, so if you are an XS, S or M you better place your order ASAP or potentially risk missing out on this killer deal!


HOW TO SHOP: Use my ambassador link ( and scroll down to the "Adjustable Handful Bra - Closeout Fall '15" image. Click and get your shop on. When you add any of the items from this page into your cart, the discount should be automatically added. In case you have any issues at all, type "MCFLASH" in the coupon code area when you check out to get the lowest price possible ($20 plus FREE SHIPPING over $25!)! And, like I mentioned, this sale is only good through Friday, October 21st at 11:59pm PST so time is of the essence. STOP, DROP & SHOP!

PS If you want to order something other than the CLOSEOUT inventory, you can still score 10% off by using code "CARLEEMCDOT"! I'll try to offer a few more FLASH SALES for other products between now and the end of the year (such as the Spring 2016 sale items or the NEW Holiday 2016 items), but I wanted to get the biggest sale going first so if you haven't tried Handful before you could do it as cheaply as possible and see what everyone is RAVING about!

What's your go-to brand for sports bra?


Coach Jen said...

What a great deal! I've been looking for a new sports bra so I'm going to order one (or 2) for sure!

Coach Jen said...

FYI Tried ordering and the code is not including free shipping, so an extra $5 for shipping

GiGi Eats Celebrities said...

NEED WANT AND MUST HAVE!!!! These look cotton though? Not my favorite fabric for bras :(

Bianca @ Mitten Runner said...

I needed some new sports bras so bad! I had to buy 4 of these! Thanks for sharing the deal, Carlee! :)

Babydoll said...

Rats!! Everything is sold out or unavailable 😞

I'm excited to try these bras... I'll keep my eyes open for another post. Thanks Carlee!

Sarah Welch said...

woo! Love these. 4 in the shopping cart! Thanks for the heads up, Carlee!

Jenny said...

Hell to the yeah!!!!!! Thanks soooooo much!!!!!!!! I bought a few a little over a month ago and I want to live in them. Seriously. So super comfy... but I'm preaching to the choir! For the first time eva I love being an XS ... no prob (bob) ordering my size and color choice! OMG ... is it healthy to be this excited over sports bras? LOL!!

Eli Carlson said...

Gorgeous photo! Love Handful.

Unknown said...

SCORE! I just got my first handful - thanks for the tip, Carlee!