Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A Girl and Her Dog

I know, I know, the saying is normally "a boy and his dog", but we are in the 21st century, right?!

Anywho, I've had a couple people comment about how my Instagram Stories tend to focus on #WaltTheWienerDog so I thought I would address it.

First off, seeing as I work from home, the only person being I interact with on a regular basis throughout the work week is Walt... so, hence, you see a lot of him! I guess you can consider him my only co-worker... but he doesn't do much working (as you can clearly see on my stories... he tends to snooze or want to go outside and hunt lizards for the majority of his day).

Next, Walt is a bit cray-cray. He doesn't appreciate the paparazzi and won't sit still for a photo. With that said, the pictures I am able to snap tend to be out of focus or blurry. Yes, of course, my Instagram account is real life, but at the same time I don't want to post a ton of crappy quality pictures to it - so that's where Instagram Stories come in ;) I don't have to worry about cropping or filters or making sure the lighting is right - I just snap away and you get some raw Walt. [This is also one of the main reasons Walt doesn't have his 'own' account.]

Lastly, IT'S WALT THE WIENER DOG! I mean, how can you not love that little girthy guy?! Don't get me wrong, I love flipping through Instagram Stories and see where everyone is running or what everyone is eating, but who doesn't love a photo/ video of a dachshund?! I realize I may be a little bias and he might not actually be the cutest doggy in the whole world (although, that's what I call him), but he brings a smile to my face and I guess I thought that he'd do the same for you... And who can't use another smile in their day?!

I have decided to start doing a few more videos of myself on my Instagram Stories (mostly to get more comfortable with video as well as keeping me accountable with my hydration game), but don't you worry... Walt isn't going anywhere ;)


Do you even look at the Instagram Stories?


Unknown said...

I love Walt. He is an super cute dachshund. I honestly think the fact that you are a crazy awesome runner and that you love your pup is one of the main reasons I follow you. So keep up the pup pictures!

Jessica M said...

Sorry - unrelated to this post but what brand sunglasses do you wear? I have some in similar style that are so close to being trashed and can't find new ones. Thank you!

San said...

I have to admit, Instagram stories is kinda cool, but just ONE MORE social media thing to keep up with... I only watch it when I have some extra time. When do people have time to do this?