Monday, May 9, 2016

Wanderlust 108 Recap

When asked "what would you like to change or add to your training?" or "is there something new you'd like to try?" I always answer with a resounding "YOGA!" I've always heard how amazing yoga is and how it can be such a compliment to running. My mom takes yoga through the Community Ed system where I went to school and I have friends who take classes or teach it across the country, yet I always seem to be training for something (the main reason excuse why I haven't added it to my routine before) and it's always just stayed on the "one day" list.

Well, that changed when I was contacted by the folks who put on Wanderlust Yoga Festival. They asked me if I wanted to be a part of the San Diego Wanderlust 108 event. They explained that it was a "mindful triathlon"... a 5K, yoga and meditation. They offered me two comped entries to the event in exchange for promoting it on my Instagram account (you may have noticed a couple of their hashtags on some of my pictures over the past month).


I knew this was the opportunity I had been looking for (I mean, let's be real, I am "frugal" so probably wouldn't have signed up for the event otherwise but I couldn't turn down FREE, right?!) so I jumped on the offer, even though the hubby and I ran a trail 10K the morning before.

I'm pretty sure this is the first time my #FlatCarlee was a #FlatYogi ;)

The run started at 9am so we had to hit the road by about 7:30am to get down to San Diego in time to park, set up our yoga mats and get all checked in before the party got started. They offered a bag check, but we didn't bring any valuables with us (just some apples, bars and water bottles) so we just kept our stuff on our mats.

I was stoked that the hubby wanted to go with me!

Follow the yellow brick road... Or just the signs pointing the way... 

You know the McDots LOVE to be #FueledByPROBAR

Since we had a few minutes to spare before the 5K started we checked out a couple of the booths around the area and made mental notes of which ones we would be returning to once we finished our run. We made our way over to the starting arch and noticed the tribal body marking crew was out. Hey, if you're gonna go, you might as well GO BIG, right?! So both Ryan and I got a little body art done ;)

Um, have you ever seen "nice" port-o-potties before?! Cottenelle really did it
up... Inside they were like RV bathrooms and there was just about anything you
might need (hair ties, bobby pins, mints, deodorant, nail file, tampons, etc).

Trying out a new way to hydrate

Is kombucha your jam?! The hubby digs it but I don't prefer the fermented-ness ;)

At the Ford booth you answered a few questions about the sustainability
features in their new cars and could pick a tote (I got the one in the picture,
Ryan got one with a dreamcatcher... his choice ;))

Love how "green" the whole event was! 

Ryan and his 'body art' - I was shocked he went for it!

Let's get this run started!

The sweet Kate was leading the warm up before the 5K so I was stoked to see a familiar face. She did a great job getting everyone stretched out, pumped for the run and ready to tackle the 3.1(ish) miles {since it was a no-pressure kind of race with no timing chips or official places I left my Garmin at home}.

These legs were made for runnin'... And that's just what they'll do!

The scenery down at the NTC Park is nothing to scoff at... 

Fix your ponytail and get ready to tackle the day!

Ryan and I decided to take the run easy. Our bodies didn't feel terrible from the previous morning's trail race, but we definitely didn't want to push it. We took our time and enjoyed the morning's shake-out run. Kate caught up to us a little ways in so we ran together, chatting the miles away. It's always great catching up with friends, and even better when you can do it while running ;) [PS Make sure to read Kate's recap of the events HERE. She not only participated in the San Diego Wanderlust 108 event, but also was in Sacramento the day before to help out and attend that rain-filled event also!]

We ended up looping around a bit near the park, with portions on
some nature trails and sidewalks. Minus the bridge that we ran
twice, it was a nice and easy run (which is GREAT, especially for
folks who were doing their very first 5K). 

Kate and I once we finished the run

Post-run, pre-yoga stretch

Seeing as I had to fulfill my Instagram posts (two per week for the five weeks leading up to the event) before I could register for the event, the hubby and I didn't register until late last week. With that being said, all of the "bonus activities" were full so we weren't able to participate, but we did watch some of the classes.

Schedule of events

I doubt I have the balance for this, but maybe it is something I could try one day

How cool is this?! I'd love to try out yoga in a sling!

The Barre class was crazy busy too!

So I figured I'd just make like the trees and leave (ha, get it,
I'm soooooooo pun-y!)

The next event we were scheduled for was the Yoga + Dance Party. Now, if you know the hubby, he is NOT into dancing (his go-to moves are the 'windshield washer' and the 'sprinkler'...) so we hung back on our mats for the dance party portion, but definitely got into the Yoga. MC Yogi was leading and afterward Ryan and I both said that we loved him. Not only was the yoga great, but he kept it fun and entertaining, cracking jokes while encouraging us the entire time.

We brought the GoPro with us and Ryan set it up to take a picture every few seconds (which we could use for a time-lapse, but instead I just grabbed still photos from the group)

After MC Yogi finished, we had another yoga session with Chelsey Korus. The second session was a bit more challenging (mostly because it was more of a 'flow' type yoga and since I'm still a newbie I am a little creaky between the movements while figuring out exactly what to do), but at no time did I feel uncomfortable or as though anyone was judging me. It was totally a welcoming environment to all - whether you could do crazy partner acrobatic yoga moves or not.


The final portion of the mindful triathlon was the meditation part. I've gotta be honest, it was the part I was the most nervous about. I've never done a guided meditation before and my mind is constantly jumping from thing to thing like my brain has fifty tabs open at once so I wasn't sure how I was going to do with a 'quiet mind' for thirty minutes. I mean, sure, I take time to pray throughout the day {my prayer life is more like a constant conversation with God... He loves my rambling}, but "meditation meditation", I've never 'officially' done it.

Noah Levine lead the session and I actually loved it. I think the biggest thing I walked away with was something he kept bringing us back to "Here, it's like this...." A little phrase to use to check in with yourself, to really meditate on what is pleasant, unpleasant or neutral in your current situation. I think, especially in today's culture, when we are always on the go and bombarded with so much stimuli, it is super awesome to be able to take a minute (or however long you need to re-center and focus) to sort of "zen out" and really check in with yourself to see how you are TRULY doing.

However you are comfortable and can focus... 

Just like in the morning, there were more of the "bonus activities" available but since they were all booked (and even the wait lists had 20+ people on them) we decided to call it a day and head home (not to mention we needed to get home so we could feed and walk the pup). I think if we were to do this event in the future I would want to sign up in advance so we could have the opportunity to take a few of the 'uncommon activities'. The Slackline Fundamentals and AlReal Yoga both looked amazing, and I probably even would have been down for some Hooping too.

The McDots give this event FOUR THUMBS UP!

Have you ever tried yoga before? 


Unknown said...

I'm definitely a newbie to yoga right along with you (once per week, four months in). I'm going for $5 donation a night through my local Fleet Feet and I am LOVING it! If not just for the stretching and loosening up itself, I swear it's changing me. Haha.

My Phoenix bestie LOVES and ADORES Wanderlust and MC Yogi, so one day I'll make it to one! :) Maybe next year with ya! ;)

Unknown said...

I LOVED the meditation too! I wish Noah could just come to my house and take me through a daily guided practice. He was so great and I want to learn more about the work he does. It sounds pretty rad.

For runners like us who are so used to the race environment, it was such a nice change of pace. Totally different vibe!