Tuesday, May 31, 2016


By now I am sure there are a few things you know about me (even if you are relatively new to these parts).

          1. I love running. 
          2. I love the running community. 
          3. I love races (even if I don't "race" them - they are an AMAZING way to combine #1 and #2). 
          4. I may be a bit crazy.

You might not remember, but last year I took part in a #SD2LV Challenge. Some friends and I ran a half marathon in San Diego (the Silver Strand Half) in the morning and then flew to Las Vegas and ran a half marathon in Vegas that evening (the Rock 'N' Roll Las Vegas Half). 2 Half Marathons, 2 States, 1 Day! [And, YES, we're doing it again in 2016!]

So when some friends recommended we do another two part challenge you had to guess that I was ALL IN! This time it will be the Fontana Half Marathon on Saturday and the San Diego Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon on Sunday.

The game plan is to race Fontana. The course is pretty straight and has over 2,000 feet elevation loss, so I am going to be chasing a PR for this one (like I mentioned in my list above, although I love races I don't run them for time very often, so my current half PR sits at 1:44 and is from 2014). {Goal A: Sub-1:40, Goal B: Sub-1:44, Goal C: Finish with a smile on my face and some gas in the tank for the following morning.} Then, San Diego will be all about the people, selfies and fun (there may or may not be tequila and donut stops planned for this race like there were during last year's race).

And if you are planning on being in or around San Diego on Sunday (whether you run RnRSD or not), you are invited to the #WeRunSocial Meet-Up at the Hard Rock Hotel in the Gaslamp. The party starts at 11:30am and is going to be a BLAST! So, if it isn't on your calendar already, make sure you add it NOW!

Since PRO Compression is helping host the meet-up (we are just about in their backyard), they've teamed up with #WeRunSocial to give out some FAN-FREAKIN'-TASTIC tees to the first 75 folks who come wearing PROs to the shindig! [Sizes are limited, so make sure to show up early if you want to snag one of these limited edition shirts!]

The #WeRunSocial crew is THE BEST! And an added bonus of an amazing shirt?! You better believe I will be there!

If you won't be in town for the festivities (BOO ON YOU), make sure you follow along on social media. I will be posting race recaps next week, but to stay up-to-date on the shenanigans we are getting into, you'll wanna make sure @CarleeMcDot is an account you follow on your favorite platform. [There's even a rumor that the PRO Compression Sock of the Month for June will be make its debut at RnRSD on the legs of some of the PRO Ambassadors!]

PS You MUST head over to Pavement Runner's post about the weekend festivities (apparently we had the same idea about spreading the word) HERE. His post includes some EVEN BIGGER news... Like a SUJA Signature Cocktail and the release of a new Sparkly Soul headband that you do NOT want to miss! SERIOUSLY... DO NOT MISS IT!


Do you consider yourself a little bit crazy?


SD Mom said...

The answer is yes. I do consider myself a lot crazy for thinking I can keep up with you young uns!

Bree at Clarity Defined said...

Sending you tons of PR vibes!! All the excitement for RnRSD makes me bummed I'm not running it! Somehow in all the years I've lived here, I've never done a half here. Maybe I'll come to the meet up though! :)