Thursday, May 26, 2016


When the amazing folks over at JORD Watch contacted me about their watches I was FLOORED! I mean, if you know me or even just look through my Instagram feed then you can probably notice that I am a pretty plain-Jane. I don't have too many pieces of jewelry - in fact, my jewelry mostly consists of Garmin gadgets and QALO silicone wedding bands - so to hear they wanted to give my #WristCandy an upgrade rocked my world!


I was able to select the watch I felt best fit me and my style. JORD watches are made of wood and are one-of-a-kind! I decided on the Ely watch in Maple {but it was a struggle to choose because there are so many amazing choices}.


When it arrived it was more beautiful than in the pictures! Maybe it's because I don't have many nice things, but I honestly couldn't stop looking at it! And for someone who has TINY wrists, to have a watch that was a perfect fit is a GAME CHANGER! Literally, most watches look HUGE on my wrists and if I ever buy a cheap watch I end up having to poke a hole in the band to make it small enough. (You can provide your wrist size when placing your order with JORD so you receive a customized fit, as well as additional links in case you screwed up with the tape measure!)

Watches are not just timekeepers; watches are statement pieces, watches speak to the style and personality of the wearer. JORD watches tell more than time. The expectation for a JORD timepiece is pretty simple: great style, visible craftsmanship and unyielding utility. Raw material. Refined design.

If you're interested in your own JORD watch (and why wouldn't you be?!), you can see their full line of wooden women's watches HERE {try saying that three times fast}. And just because the majority of my friends/ family/ followers are ladies doesn't mean I'd forget about the guys! The men's watches are here (and if my wrists weren't so tiny I was thinking I would have rocked the Bamboo & Blue Topaz Carbon from the Delmar Drift series because it's AMAZEBALLS). 

Every piece is truly one-of-a-kind because no two trees or two pieces of wood are the exact same. The wood comes from sustainable trees throughout the world and the watches are hand crafted in the USA (St. Louis, Missouri to be exact)! As soon as you put the watch on your wrist you can feel all of the love and work that went into the timepiece. It is UBER elegant, but even with it being such a stunning piece, it's perfect for every day wear (which is ideal for me because we get dressed up all of like three times a year so I would be bummed if this didn't see more use than that).

The closure is a super easy-to-use clasp. Pinch the clasp to open, snap the
band into the clasp to close. 

Now, I will be the first to admit that these watches are a pretty penny, but I believe the craftsmanship, quality and beauty make the price well worth it! Maybe this is something you put on your birthday or Christmas list. These would make AMAZING anniversary gifts {hint hint!}. Or maybe it is something you treat yourself to when you hit your goal weight or get that promotion you've been working towards. And looking at the calendar, these would work perfectly as Fathers Day gifts for that special guy in your life! Whatever the occasion is that you decide to splurge, know that you are getting a remarkable watch that was hand crafted, will last for years and will get you compliment after compliment!

You won't even have to wrap it... Because LOOK at how it arrives!

And, since it's Thursday, you know I'm linking up with Smitha and her Try It Thursdays post. Head over to her blog and see what everyone is giving a go these days (and make sure to add your own review to the link-up).

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Wow that watch is a beauty!

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