Thursday, April 21, 2016

GUEST POST: "Embracing The FOMO"

Oh my goodness, THIS POST! I am so stoked that Jenn offered her blog writing abilities for CarleeMcDot.Com (and once you read this I'm sure you will be super grateful as well)! She's a San Diego runner and a fellow PRO Compression ambassador. With that said, we see each other often at many races and meet-ups and I LOVE it! I mean, who doesn't enjoy seeing a friendly and familiar face in a sea of runners?! Anywho, I'll shut my trap and let Jenn get right to it!

FOMO.  The Fear of Missing Out.  As a runner, I experience this on some level every so often.   As I see my friends post their race pictures, their PRs, their new shoes and other fun running related things, there are times I feel all the envy.  But is that necessarily a bad thing? 

There are definitely some times that FOMO is a bad thing, especially if you let it take over your life.  If you stop paying your mortgage so that you can register for all the races and buy all the things, it is a bad thing.  If you no longer feel excitement & joy for your friends who are out there crushing it and the only thing you feel is envy & sometimes anger, it is a bad thing.  If you stop enjoying your own journey because you’re too caught up in what everyone else is doing, it is a bad thing.  

But is envy always a negative thing?  There are ways that FOMO can actually encourage you to be a better you and motivate you to do more.  

My first experience of FOMO caused me to step way outside my comfort zone.  In 2015, as Rock N Roll San Diego was approaching, I started seeing posts for a Pro Compression meet-up after Saturday’s 5K.  “They’ll have a lot of fun.  I wish I wasn’t so shy—I could go.” I thought to myself.   I was not the type of person who could just go meet new people, especially by myself.  But the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to go.  I didn’t want to miss out.  So I went.  Inside I was a nervous wreck, but I went, met new people and ran.  And I had fun.  I didn’t miss out.  Since then, I’ve gone to so many more meet-ups and met so many amazing people.  If I hadn’t stepped way outside my comfort zone, that wouldn’t have happened.  I still get shy and nervous about the meet-ups, but I go.  At the end of the day, I don’t want to think to myself, “I really wish I would have gone to that.”

FOMO can also motivate you and help you to push your limits.  Sometimes wishing you were out doing what other people are doing actually gets you out there doing it.  Lately there seems to be an influx of people I know getting PRs on their races and let’s be real, who doesn’t love a PR?!  When I see these PRs, it motivates me to want to get one too!  I train a little harder, run a little faster and further and do just a little bit more each time.  I’m using my PR FOMO as a source of motivation.  I know that I am capable of more and seeing other people doing more reminds me of that.  

The next time you feel like you’re missing out, take the time to embrace the FOMO.  Let it motivate you.  Let it push you outside of your comfort zone.  Let it be a part of your journey. 

What things do you have the fear of missing out on?

Until next time, happy running.
Wanna know what's funny?! I actually met Jenn at that Rock 'N' Roll San Diego PRO Compression meet-up! The hubby had ordered a grab bag from PRO and got the Heather Pink socks. I had posted on social media to see if anyone would like to swap and lucky for Ryan, Jenn had a duplicate pair of Heather Blue socks she was willing to trade. And I guess you can say the rest is history ;)

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What are your thoughts on FOMO? Have you ever let it push you to greatness or stepping outside of your comfort zone?

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ivieanne said...

FOMO is REALLLL!!! I also HATE doing things alone, but sometimes that's when the BEST things happen! So glad to have met Jen at a WRS meet up, the rest has been running history!