Friday, April 8, 2016

Friday Favorites

It's been a couple weeks since my last Friday Favorites post (sorry about that), so I figured I was due for another {also, I thought it might be nice to break up some of the race recaps that have been taking over the blog these past few days}.

Reef's Balinese Reflections

Okay, I'll be completely honest, I might be a bit bias, seeing as the hubby helped with the video and I know the two ladies (Tia and Paige are not only amazing surfers but beautiful women inside and out), but it's still pretty awesome if you ask me! And, let's be real, who can't use more sunshine and Bali in their life?! Watch it... It's like a two minute slice of heaven!

Nerds Bumpy Jelly Beans

Thanks to Carrie, I was introduced to these little morsels of goodness on our #Ragnar4Rett adventures. She shared some of the sweet treats with me in the van and I was sold! This past week I was at Target picking up some last minute ingredients for a Taco Salad I had to make so I stopped by the clearanced Easter candy. There were four bags left, so I swooped them up (I mean, at $.80 a piece, they were WELL worth it). If you've never tried them, you are missing out! The Nerds give the jelly beans more of a crunchy texture - yum! I'm just glad they are only available around Easter time (or else they would be a staple in our cupboards and I would never be able to detox from my sugar high)!

Baseball Season

Yup, BASEBALL IS BACK! It doesn't look like my Tigers are coming out to San Diego this year (LAMESAUCE), so I guess that means we will just have to head up to an Angels game again (or maybe we will head back to the Mitten and hit up a game at Comerica... I mean, they are playing on my birthday... It's sort of a sign, right?!). My dad is lucky enough to be at the home opener for the Tigers this afternoon... #JealousTimesOneHundred PS The last time the Tigers won the World Series was the year I was born, so I think we are due for another one... #RoarLikeIts84

The Barkley Marathons


I heard about this documentary (and therefore THE RACE) from Monica over at Run Eat Repeat. She gave a riveting review and I was intrigued. The hubby loves movies so last night I recommended we give it a try (we were able to rent in on Amazon for $1). HOLY COW! If you haven't heard about this race (although it seems like one of the hardest races LIKE EVER, it is very hush-hush and secretive) or watched the documentary, DO IT NOW! I don't want to spoil it, but this race is a 5 loop ultra marathon (supposedly 20-mile loops, but most think it's longer than that) with elevation gain equal to climbing Mt. Everest TWICE and a 60-hour time limit. There are MANY years that NO ONE finishes! WOW, JUST WOW!

Anything you've been especially into these days?


Sarah said...

Hi Carlee! I am also obsessed with the Barkleys - stumbled across the documentary on Netflix and have been reading everything I can about it! Not sure if you saw this article yet, but I'm pretty sure he was the ultra marathoner in the documentary who was running it for the first time:
Pretty cool!

kindal said...

Can't wait to watch this documentary tomorrow!!! Love all your favorites! :)

k said...

Totally LOVING your Detroit hat...I've never seen one like that..can you share where you found it?