Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Craft Classic {Half Marathon & 5K}

I know my hubby is definitely someone who would say that he "runs for beer"... Are you a beer lover too?! Well, if so, and you live in (or are willing to travel to) San Diego, Atlanta or Phoenix, do I have some good news for YOU...

You can use code "CarleeMcDot" when registering for the Craft Classic and SAVE! [You will save $5 on the 5K distance and $10 off the Half Marathon.] What's the Craft Classic, you ask?! A new race series being put on by Road Runner Sports that blends the love of running and craft beer into one fantastic day! The San Diego races are on July 17th, the Atlanta races are on September 10th (my birthday) and the Phoenix races are on October 16th!

I am currently signed up for the Half Marathon distance in San Diego. I mean, you end at Green Flash Brewing Co.! And not only do you get the chance to run with me (ha, I'm sure that is not a big draw for the majority of you), there are TONS of perks that you do NOT wanna miss... {Below are the benefits for the SD race, but all locations have similar goodies!}


Oh yeah, and if you are fast... I mean REALLY, REALLY FAST... You have the opportunity to win your weight in beer! Legit - the top male and female winners in the half marathon will actually leave Green Flash Brewing Co. with their body weight's worth of delicious brew! How awesome is that?! 

And a quick FYI: There is a price increase for ALL of the cities on May 1st, so if you are interested I'd suggest you register NOW to save as much as possible! Who doesn't want to #RunHoppy?! Head to CraftClassic.Com for all the details!

What's your favorite beer?

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Meesh said...

THis looks fun! I hope it goes well and they expand to more cities :-)