Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Favorites

Can you believe it is FRIDAY?! Some weeks I swear this amazing day will never get here... Thankfully, week after week, it arrives (and don't we all smile a little bigger because of that fact?!)! And since that FANTASTIC day has finally arrived, let's share a few of my favorite things.


It's been a while since our last camping adventure, but we're about to change that! The hubby and I are heading to Big Sur in a few days for my marathon and are camping in the AdventureMobile along the way! YAY for the great outdoors! Since I've never been to Big Sur, we thought we'd take some extra time to explore. We'll be heading up Wednesday morning (it's about a 7 hour drive), camping Wednesday thru Friday and then staying in a hotel Saturday night (the night before the race, that way I can get a shower and sleep in a 'real' bed the night before the race) before heading south after the race on Sunday. I'm so stoked to combine camping, running and amazing scenery all into this one trip!

The Orb

I have had this torture tool in my box for a long time and just haven't busted it out lately. The hubby pulled his back a couple weeks ago, so it was the perfect time to get it out. Since then, I've been using my orb on the daily. Now, some people may be talented enough to use this ball to roll out their IT Band or other areas, but I find it works best of my glutes. You can really get a deep massage into those hard to reach muscles. The 5" diameter high density ball's multi-directional roll provides focused aggressive deep tissue massage to target areas. Let's be real, it hurts so good!

#TeamSparkle Trucker Hat

I've had a lot of you ask about our AWESOMESAUCE #TeamSparkle trucker hats that we wore during #Ragnar4Rett. Well, it's your lucky day because Sparkle Athletic is now taking pre-orders for the hats - and you don't even have to drive an 18-wheeler to get your hands on one! (#RealTalk: I used to not be a hat person because I couldn't figure out how to wear them without looking shweird, but now I rock them nonetheless ;)) Don't miss your chance to swoop on one of these.

Doing Good

This week I was able to get a couple of #RandomActsOfKindness done. I cleaned the house and got together 3 bags to donate to our local Disabled American Veterans thrift store, I received some stationary as a thank you for our support to Habitat for Humanity and sent both of my grandmas handwritten letters, I took some of my older running shoes to a local running store that collects them for underprivileged runners, and while cleaning I found some brand new items I hadn't used and ended up mailing different prize packages to random folks. Please do NOT read this as I want a pat on the back or a thank you because that is NOT the case! I do these things with the expectation of receiving absolutely NOTHING in return... But wanted to share it because doing good, spreading joy, sharing whatever you can with those around you not only helps others... IT HELPS YOU! If you are in a funk, having a bad day or maybe even a rough couple of months, looking outside of yourself and trying to make others happy helps to get #AllTheFeels bubbling up inside of you too!

Epsom Salt Baths

Okay, I've gotta be completely honest here... I have NO idea if these actually help. Like I haven't looked into the science of them or read much about them, but what I do know is that they are much more enjoyable than ice baths ;) Lately I have been soaking in a warm epsom salt bath and it has been glorious. I am normally NOT a bath person (I guess I can't understand why sitting in a puddle of your own filth is something people choose to do), but whether these help me sweat out some toxins, actually help with aches and stiff joints or just gives me an extra 20 minutes of relaxation I'LL TAKE IT! 

So, what have YOU been loving lately?! 


Jenn13.1 said...

I love Epsom salt baths! (I've been told by a pretty good source of info that they do work). I even found an Epsom salt/essential oil bubble bath that is amazing! Have a great time at Big Sur.

Jessy said...

Epsom salt baths are my favorite! I mostly do foot baths after long runs! Magnesium is what makes them good for you! Aids in recovery of muscles and joints

Shay @ Whine Less, Breathe More said...

Your Big Sur trip sounds like it is going to be fun!