Sunday, January 31, 2016

Workout Recap - Week 5

Sunday, January 24th – 5 mile trail run with the hubby, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Monday, January 25th – Strength Training (abs, back, arms and legs), 5 mile run, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Tuesday, January 26th –  6 mile run, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Wednesday, January 27th 4 mile pace run, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Thursday, January 28th –  12 mile run

Friday, January 29th –  Rest Day, Stretched & Foam Rolled

Saturday, January 30th –  8 bike ride, 3 mile walk [was supposed to be a 10 mile bike ride, but got a flat tire 6 miles in, so had to walk my bike 3 miles to the bike shop to get my tire fixed, then a 2 mile ride back to the house], Stretched & Foam Rolled

I swapped around a couple of my runs this week because I donated blood on Thursday and wanted to make sure I wouldn't pass out the following day during a workout ;) This week started my taper, so I only got in 32 miles of running, but hopefully my legs are appreciating the break!

How were your workouts this past week?


Montana Ross said...

Sometimes a rest week or lighter mileage week is what our bodies need! Hope you are having a great week this week! :-)

Unknown said...

WOO for the taper! I'm so excited for you and LA - and I know your legs are appreciating the recovery right now! Rest up and enjoy! xoxo