Wednesday, January 6, 2016

PRO Compression Ambassador [THREE-PEAT]

There are a few brands that I tend to wear religiously. Brooks for shoes, Sparkly Soul for headbands, Garmin for gadgets and gizmos, Sparkle Athletic for skirts, Handful for sports bras and PRO Compression for socks.

If you don't believe me, just check out my social media or #FlatCarlee pictures! I would say 95% of my races (and training runs) include these brands. 

But hear me out - I don't wear these brands because I get stuff free or the company pays me to say nice things about their gear - I rock the products because I LOVE THE PRODUCTS! (In fact, I don't get paid by any of the companies and only a couple of them offer any type of discounts... I pay full price for gear just like you do!)

So when I am asked to rep a brand as an ambassador, a brand that I love to my core, I JUMP at the opportunity! This is actually the THIRD year of being a PRO Compression Ambassador (I am THRILLED that they love me almost as much as I love them ;) and have asked me back for another year!).

Being an ambassador means I get to be part of an AMAZING crew of like-minded, PRO Compression rockin' athletes and have the opportunity to spread the word about their awesome product from the mountain tops (okay, it's not like PRO is sending me to the mountain tops, but if I get there somehow, I can spread my love for their socks up there too!).

Just a few of the 2015 PRO Ambassadors hanging out after the PHX Marathon
PS If you wanna join us at the race this year, use MCDOT10 to save 10% on
all of the distances (the full is close to selling out, so register NOW!)

Not only that, I get to spread some lovin' to YOU! Today's gift is a 40% OFF promo code... [That code is only good thru 2/28 so you better hurry and stock up NOW!]

If you haven't signed up for their email list yet, NOW IS THE TIME! You don't want to be part of the few who miss out on a BANGIN' deal or a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW sock design, do you?! (Remember those #UglySweater socks?! THEY SOLD OUT WITHIN HOURS OF BEING RELEASED and the folks on the email list were the first to know about them!) Not to mention, you could win a $100 shopping spree! [PS A little birdie may have mentioned that the January Sock Of The Month sock is coming out SOON, so get on the list TODAY to be one of the first to see it!]

Sign up HERE!

If you could be an ambassador to one of your favorite brands, which would you choose? 


Josephine said...

Congrats!!! I love ProCompression... you are an awesome rep for them!

Jenn13.1 said...

Yay!! I'm excited to join the team this year. And I'm totally down if they want to send us to the mountain tops :)

Kc said...

Woot Woot!! So pumped to be a part of the team this year!

John @ run. geek. run(disney) said...

Congrats! I was considering applying this year but missed it yet again it seems. I love their socks.

Montana Ross said...

I was so happy to come back for year two! I LOVE Pro and love representing them! My sock collection grew a LOT last year and I'm definitely looking forward to adding #allthesocks to my collection this year! Congrats on year three, great to be on the team together :-)