Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New runDisney Costume Guidelines

Don't get me wrong, I am totally in agreement that there are CRAZIES out there and that we need to take necessary precautions to make sure the public (especially in large gatherings) are safe, but once you start messing with what I can or can't wear when running a runDisney race you are going to ruffle some feathers!


Yesterday afternoon runDisney posted a new article on their blog, NEW RUNDISNEY COSTUME & SAFETY GUIDELINES, about the new restrictions that go into effect on January 6th. Below are a couple snapshots I grabbed from the post:



Again, I am NOT questioning the need for safety, but really?! No UP Houses?! Have you seen some of the costumes at runDisney races?! They are extravagant, creative, outlandish and AMAZING!

runDisney races have NEVER been about a time on the clock for me; they've ALWAYS been about the magic (which may be one reason I don't mind having to sidestep a giant running churro or jump out of the way of a flying carpet)! Now, I am not saying that once you start restricting costumes the races will no longer be any fun, shoot, we are a creative bunch, I am SURE we can work within the new regulations, but I guess it is just a bit shocking.

Just a few of my runDisney pictures... As you can see, I take my costuming seriously ;) 

Maybe I am naive to think "it will never happen to me", maybe I thought runDisney was immune from the craziness of the world, maybe because the Disneyland Half was my first half marathon my mind sees it and all of the other runDisney events as being in this magical bubble that nothing or no one would ever dare harm, who knows... I suppose I was just a bit surprised (I mean, they've already banned selfie sticks, I guess I thought that was as far as they would go).

Like I've mentioned, runDisney races have always been about the magic, miles and smiles for me. I don't think that restricting the type of costumes will hamper it (although I think I physically said "LAMESAUCE" when I read "Themed T-shirts, blouses, sweatshirts, and hats are acceptable."), but it is yet another reminder that the world is not as safe as we may believe.

What are your thoughts on the new guidelines? 


Myshe said...

On the one hand, I understand it... on the other hand, we just finished three full jedi costumes :(

Kristie said...

I ran in France just a week or two after the failed train attack. Security was high; uniformed men with guns everywhere. The race was full of costumes! Costumes that would put Disney costumes to shame. That is the difference between France and America. French people live life. Even after multiple attacks. Americans cower in fear on what may happen.

And stealing from the anti-gun control arguments: This isn't going to stop some sort of incident. If someone wants to do something large scale at a Disney race, it's not likely to be someone in costume in the race when its cheaper to just be a spectator.

Now if it was truly about the runners safety, they would just make rules governing size of costumes, not costumes you can hide weapons under.

selby said...

what i think is crazy is the line about how people dressed up can't pose for pictures. i don't understand the safety concern there, and people want to show off their costumes?

Jes said...

Last year (2015 Dopey), people needed to make last minute costume changes because of the colder than anticipated weather. I saw two Dopeys at the 5K who made their costume out of bathrobes from Walmart. Totally creative, especially last minute. The new guidelines while practical, inhibit that kind of necessary improvisation. But I wonder if your Rosie the Riveter costume would be considered "sharp" because of the corners.

Jes said...

PS And while ABC was acquired by Disney after Full House was already off the air, I still think that someone should totally bring back the Gibbler Prom dress from the series finale episode as a race costume (even better if it was Andrea Barber). I think that totally fits the new runDisney rules...maybe.

Jessica said...

Sad day in the runDisney costume world. I'm still waiting to see if my Star Wars Half costume will be okay or not (it's in the weird layered gray-area). This definitely affects what I had planned out for the year!

Unknown said...

I totally agree. Setting a PR at a Disney Half has never been even on my radar. If I wanted to do that, I would just run in the other (and way cheaper) marathons that my brothers and friends run throughout the year. The Disney marathons were different and fun because of the costumes. We loved seeing the creativity of all the runners and the pure insanity of seeing two fans running 13 miles in a tandem AT-AT costume. Our running group spent months on our Star Wars costumes and tried to adjust when the new rules were sprung on us on the 5th. We were denied entry, and needless to say, we were all disappointed. I wished that the guidelines were more specific. How hard would it be to give clear dimensions and size limits? No offense to the runners that ran in themed t-shirts, but this Star Wars race was certainly more boring then last year. It is now just another half marathon through back alleys and industrial parks, albeit one that costs 200 dollars.