Thursday, January 21, 2016

Playing The Lottery

Wouldn't it be great if this post was all about how Ryan and I were one of the three lucky Power Ball winners and I was posting to be like Oprah and say "YOU GET $10,000" and "YOU GET $10,000". Alas, you have not seen our faces on the news because we were NOT the lucky ones (although Ryan did talk me into letting him waste $10 on tickets for "the big one".)


Anywho, this post isn't about playing the money lottery, it's about entering RACE LOTTERIES! (Which, if you think about it, is actually the exact opposite, seeing as if you are one of the lucky ones selected it COSTS YOU MORE :))


I've actually been very lucky when it comes to race lotteries. I threw my name in the hat for both the Nike Women's Half Marathon in San Francisco and the Big Sur Marathon and was selected to run both. (Feel free to read my recap of the Nike race here... suffice it to say I had a great time but am NOT sad to see it go. And I'll be running Big Sur in April.)

So when I saw the lottery opening up for the New York City Marathon I was intrigued. I have only heard AMAZING things about this race (other than the fact that it can be cold, SUPER crowded and there have been rumors of people peeing off the bridge ON TO runners below them), so I felt like I sort of had to throw my name, right?!


My thought is: if I get in - AWESOMESAUCE, if I don't - my wallet will say "AWESOMESAUCE". You see, not only do you have to pay $11 to enter the lottery, but the race registration alone is $255 per runner PLUS the travel and accommodations... But like I've been told by many a runner - IT'S NEW YORK CITY! [Not to mention, I have had some AMAZING runners offer up their couches for me to crash on, so if I am picked I could do it relatively inexpensively.]


So this morning I paid my $11, crossed my fingers and hit SUBMIT. We will find out in a little over a month if I get in or not. The race itself is in early November. Either my race luck will continue and I get in or NYC is not in the cards for 2016, either way I'll be STOKED for each and every person who gets in and has the courage and ability to make it to that starting line!

PS I think that when @NYCMarathon retweets your tweet about entering the lottery, it HAS TO BE good luck, right?! 

Do you enter race lotteries?


Kc said...

Awesome!! I'll still undecided if I'm going to do it again (I'm thinking my bum leg is holding me back..and the fact it's $500 bucks Canadian now that our dollar is so low!)

I hope you get in!! It really is an amazing experience!!

PS I didn't see anyone pee off the bridge but LOTS AFTER the bridge ;)

redaussie3 said...

I am so on the fence. Did the lottery thing the last two years, got into Chicago last year. Had a BLAST but it was so expensive, even flying in friday morning and flying back sunday night. I wouldn't trade the experience for the world, but I just don't know if I want to shell out that much money again this year. Part of me wants to enter and just see if I get in or not and then decide then. part of me just wants to enter a local 50 K instead and just have one night of a hotel and a much cheaper race. BUT i so loved the experience and New york is a bucket list race for sure. URGH. Why can't we grow money trees?

Victroia said...

I hope you get in! I ran in 2013 and was lucky enough to run on the top tier of the bridge. I didn't see anyone peeing, but I have to admit I wasn't keeping an eye our for it. I was obsessed with the VIEW!

NYC Marathon is an incredible experience. That said, the race entry is pricey, getting to NYC is pricey and staying several days in the city puts a dent in your wallet. But SO WORTH IT! Fingers crossed for you!

Ange @ Cowgirl Runs said...

I would LOVE to run NYC, but at $500 for ONE race? Definitely not this year. But DEFINITELY one year.

Sigmund Linden said...

Hope you will be luckier with the race lottery. Winning the Powerball (especially after the latest amendments to the format) is something delusory. My online ticket didn't win as well, localotto. Good luck!