Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Upcoming FUN

There are a lot of AWESOME events going on in North County San Diego over the next week or so (and these are just the ones WE want to attend, I'm sure there are TONS that we don't even know about). I am hoping we will be able to hit them all up (and you better believe if we get a chance to go to them I will be posting plenty of pictures from all the fun ;)).

Saturday and Sunday at the Oceanside Harbor - Oceanside Harbor Days

Oceanside Harbor Days

We have gone to this multiple times in the past and LOVE IT. It is similar to a large street fair, but full of pirates and even a boat race across the harbor called "Nail and Sail" where folks are given limited supplies and have to race whatever they build in the designated time. SO FUN! They also added a sand castle contest this year!

Saturday and Sunday at Norway Hall in Vista - Viking Festival

Vista Viking Festival

We've never hit up a Viking Festival before (we have been to an Oktoberfest in Carlsbad a few years ago and a Scottish Festival at the Queen Mary earlier this year). Ryan saw the sign for it while we were driving around a few days ago and said we HAD to go!

Saturday at MLK Jr. Park - Roller Derby

Roller Derby

This would be another FIRST for us. I've never been to a roller derby bout before, but they seem pretty intense and worth the $10. When I told Ryan about it (I first saw it on Oceanside Chamber's Twitter last week), he said he was totally in!

Saturday (October 11th) at the Junior Seau Pier Amphitheater - Movies At The Pier: Goonies


Okay, so this one isn't this weekend (it's in a couple weeks), but I figured I would be more likely to remember it if I posted about it ;) Will someone help me remember? Who wouldn't want to go watch a movie at the pier under the stars FOR FREE?! AND I have to be completely honest, I don't think I've ever seen Goonies before, so it's like a MUST, right?!

We LOVE supporting local events. The more we attend, the more they will put on. HOMETOWN LOVE!! We live in such an amazing location, we HAVE to take advantage of all that is going on around us (especially when it is free entertainment, right?!).

Do you attend lots of local events? Does your area put on a lot of free events for the community?


Fairytales and Fitness said...

Great to meet another Disney Lover! I love where I live, But you guys in CA seem to have cool events going on all the time! ~M

Danielle said...

I love finding fun, free things to do - I'm finding there are a lot of great things like this on Cape Cod, definitely looking forward to checking them out!