Saturday, September 6, 2014

Living Life

I hope I am NEVER too busy to stop and just enjoy life! I feel like living life is exactly what I have been doing for the past couple days.


If you didn't know, my hubby was in Japan for 10 days art directing his first photo shoot for Reef. I am BEYOND proud of him (he is pretty AWESOME-SAUCE and I am stoked others see his potential)! He finally (because it felt like for-ev-er that he was gone) got home on Thursday afternoon.

I originally had a 20 mile bike ride on the calendar for Thursday, but that was when I thought he got home a couple hours later (I REALLY need to look at itineraries better... OOPS). When I noticed he actually got home earlier, I decided I would scrap the ride and use it as my rest day. I worked from 6:30am-12:30pm, took a shower, and then got ready to see my hubby - YAY!

I was thrilled when he said he wanted to do an easy run that evening (I guess it wouldn't be a complete rest day after all ;)). So after we went and got Mexican food for dinner (because that was obviously the first thing he wanted when he got home), we went for a easy pace 3 mile run (he hadn't been able to get in any of his runs while in Japan, so we wanted to take it easy for it being his first run back in about 2 weeks).

Normally sunRISE runs are more my thing, but I will do a sunSET run
if it means running with my hubby!

Yesterday we were HONORED to go to the Temecula court system to celebrate the finalizing of three of the four adoptions our best friends are going through. Even though Ryan had just gotten off a 16 hour plane ride and was super jet lagged, we wouldn't have missed it for the world! We got up at 5:30am so we could get ready and head over to car pool by 6:30am to get to court by 8am.

Proof that we wear more than running gear ;)

Let me say how ABSOLUTELY AWESOME it was! We are thrilled for their family. I am also super pumped at how the court system made it such a special occasion for the kids. The judge made a little speech before going on record about how it is one of the best parts of their job (tear) and made sure to celebrate each kid! We can't wait to do it again for the last one in a couple months!

Photo Credit: themorquechos

And why not spend the whole day with them?! Later that afternoon the oldest had a football game (I LOVE Friday Night Lights), so we took a bit of a road trip down to Chula Vista to cheer San Marcos High School on to victory! Of course we had to have some yummy Mexican food between the JV and Varsity games ;) [If you haven't realized by now, chips and salsa are my JAM!]

We were gone from 6am till about 10:30pm, but we wouldn't have had it any other way! Normally I would have probably been itching for a run or workout of some sort, but LIVING is about all LOVING! I will NEVER regret spending time with friends and family (and friends that have become family)!

This morning Ryan and I had a long run on the calendar. From getting back Thursday afternoon TIRED and then going non-stop yesterday, he was TUCKERED out to say the least! He asked if he could sleep in and we could run later in the day. Normally I would have been bummed (DO YOU KNOW IT GETS HOTTER THE LATER IN THE DAY YOU RUN?!), but I have to remind myself - A. he is super tired/ jet lagged/ etc, not just being lazy or wanting to sleep in because he was staying up late playing video games, and B. that I am BEYOND BLESSED he even wants to run with me in the first place! So, he is currently sleeping, and I am twiddling my thumbs hoping he wakes up sooner rather than later. But you know what?! This life is meant to be ENJOYED - so DO IT! (And hey, as long as we are done with our run before the Michigan / Notre Dame game I am fine - let's be real, it's all about priorities ;))

So although my workouts haven't gone completely as scheduled the past few days, my heart is FULL and that is really what matters in life (I just have to do a better job of remembering myself of that fact more often!).

Do you have a hard time when "life" comes first?


The Silent Assassin said...

Cheeeewhooo! Live on Carleeeeeeee!

Danielle said...

Oh you guys are sooo cute dressed up! And what an amazing occasion to be invited to be a part of!