Monday, September 15, 2014

Catching Up

This past week was a whirlwind! I wasn't able to blog as much as I would have liked, so I thought I'd do a quick fly-by of what has been going on lately.


Fall weekends often revolve around FOOTBALL. This weekend was no different. We are blessed to be able to go cheer on our friends' son on Friday nights (WHO DOESN'T LOVE FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS?!), so we went to Escondido High School to cheer on the San Marcos Knights (FYI: they WON). And then of course we have to watch our Michigan Wolverines on Saturdays and our Detroit Lions on Sundays.

Our view of the San Marcos Knights' Varsity game at Escondido High
Source: KatLouHod's Instagram

With our families living back in Michigan, we tend to miss some gatherings and special occasions. One of those was my cousin Ashley's wedding on Saturday. Thankfully my dad now has an iPhone and is getting the hang of sending me pictures! I LOVE feeling like we are still included in the celebration!

Yep, my dad took a SELFIE with my mom and his mom! PERFECTION! 

My brother dancing with my grandma. MELTS MY HEART!

Oh yeah, I know I mentioned that Wednesday was my birthday, but Saturday was Ryan's!! (Our birthday's are 3 days apart, but he is technically a year older than me. We were in the same grade, but it was because the cut-off dates for kindergarten were different in Ohio than in Michigan, so he was an old kindergartner, while I was a young one.)

The many faces of my birthday guy!

For his birthday we decided to take a bike ride down to the beach and grab some Hawaiian shaved ice (he is like a big hummingbird - he loves him some sugar water). We have been having a heat wave in Southern California the last few days (hopefully it will break SOON), so I couldn't turn down the tasty, cool, and refreshing treat.

Taking a quick break while we waited for the shaved ice shack to open.
What a rough life we have, huh?! 

Found some shade on the curb of a nearby house ;)

On Wednesday of last week we went to the AT&T store to look into upgrading our phones (with the release of the iPhone 6's, we figured we could at least upgrade to the iPhone 5's which would be a HUGE step for us). We were told the prices would drop on the 5's soon and they suggested we come back in later. So yesterday we made an appointment and hit up the AT&T store again. We looked at our options and decided we would both go with the iPhone 5S with 32 GB of space. Unfortunately the AT&T store by us didn't have any of the 32 GB phones left, so we had to go to a different one. We spent a good 2 hours there (dealing with all the upgrade options, transferring data over, etc), but in the end I think it was DEFINITELY WORTH IT!

My old phone was a hand-me-down, hand-me-down that was originally
my father-in-law's, then my hubby's, so this was a BIG step up for me ;)
And YES, we closed down the store... 

Yesterday morning Ryan and I were able to get in one of his longest runs in many months - a 13 miler! We started around 6:30am because we knew it would get hot. We didn't beat the heat (we may have had to ring out the sweat from our shirts before getting into the car), but the scenery is hard to be mad at ;)

My parents sent us both Target gift cards for our birthdays, so you know we had to head over and spend them (they were burning a whole in our pockets). Hubby went WELL over the gift card amount, but I figured we'd just consider it his birthday gift since we normally don't get each other anything. I was able to pick up a tank top (thought I could wear it running or just around town), a scarf (it reminded me of Minnie Mouse and of course it was on sale for $5 from $20), and some cute note cards and postcards (I can NEVER have enough!).

And how could I forget all of the FREE food we got because it was our birthdays?! Veggie Grill, Noodles & Company, Native Foods Cafe, Rubio's, Menchie's, and a few more we haven't used yet ;)

This is from our Noodles & Co dinner after church Saturday night. YUM!

That's a little piece of our weekend... We have been some busy, busy beavers! Hopefully things will start to slow down a bit soon! I am just stoked I get to do it all with my best friend along for the journey!

How was your weekend? 


The Silent Assassin said...

Awesome! This weekend though...the lions lost... great 13 mile run! do you guys bring water along? hydration belt wearers? And oh, I thought for some reason you were only do the half and full... but you're saying YOU ARE ALSO doing the 5k, 10k? that's ridic!

Carlee McDot said...

You didn't have to remind me The Silent Assassin... It wasn't the outcome we were cheering for...

As far as our water - We either run with hand helds (I normally run with a hydration vest on runs over 15 miles or so) or along a path that has LOTS of drinking fountains (the route we took on Sunday has drinking fountains every half mile or so (at all of the life guard towers and then throughout the camp grounds).

And YEP, I'm going DOPEY! 4 races in 4 days... And then Phoenix about 5 weeks after hoping for a BIG PR... Let's see what this body can do!

KookyRunner said...

Love that shirt from Target! I normally get about 90% of my athletic gear from Old Navy (I call it fitness on a budget, haha), but I'll have to check Target more often!

Great post and glad you and your husband both enjoyed your birthdays!

Carlee McDot said...

KookyRunner - I NEED to check out Old Navy! I have heard from a couple people that they get running stuff from there. I haven't been in a while (for me it has always been too plain, nothing too exciting), but I think I will HAVE to check it out! You know I am ALL for fitness on a budget ;) Frugal is my middle name!