Monday, September 22, 2014

New Things

We've all heard the advice "NEVER TRY ANYTHING NEW ON RACE DAY". Well, I can't say I have never broken that rule (thankfully I don't have any horror stories to share about when I did try new things on race day), but today I figured I would test out/ start breaking in some new things!

First, I was sent a couple SPIbelts to review (be on the look out for this soon - along with a GIVEAWAY, whooooo hooooo!). I took the Original SPIbelt out for a test drive on today's 4 mile run. So far, so great! It didn't move a bit and I actually forgot I had it on after a few minutes. I want to get some more runs in wearing it before I write an official review, but as of right now - TWO THUMBS UP!

Original SPIbelt

I really CANNOT believe I am posting pictures with my stomach or hips showing...
But I wanted folks to see I wore it with the pouch in the BACK and BELOW my hip bones.

Next, I ordered a couple pairs of Brooks Ghosts a few months back from REI (thank you closeout sales ;)). Now, I would never suggest ordering running shoes online without trying them on first, but I have been wearing this model for a while now so knew it would work (the only difference from the pair I used for my first marathon is the color - and I actually have a second box unopened in the closet still). I knew it was about time to start breaking in a new pair and the first run in them today was glorious! It's probably the frugal side of me, but I always try to get extra mileage out of my shoes (they are the most expensive piece of running gear I own), but always LOVE running in new shoes!

Brooks Ghost 6
Love the HOT PINK accents ;)

Last, I switched up my normal 4 mile loop today. It wasn't TOTALLY new, but I did run it BACKWARDS! No, not physically, but directionally. I have a standard 3 or 4 mile loop by our house (I add on an extra half mile straight away out and back if I want to do 4 miles) to a nearby park. Today I decided I would run it backwards. Not only was it interesting to see the park from the opposite direction, it was also a bit mentally stimulating... I mean, running that loop has become second nature, so I don't really have to think about where to turn, what my pace should be at specific spots, etc. Running it the other way kept me on my toes because I had to think about which way to go next, where I thought my mile mark would be, etc.

Garmin Shot - 4 Miler

My run was supposed to be around 9:42 minute mile pace for each of the 4 miles. As you can see from the picture above, I was a bit faster than that. (I have a bit of an issue slowing down, especially when I am running a short distance.) All-in-all I have to say it was successful because of the NEW things, but I do still need to consciously decide to SLOW DOWN (I PROMISE, Krissy, I AM WORKING ON IT)!

Are new running shoes the best or WHAT?! 

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OK.... I just got my google account so I can start doing your give a ways! Fun to be on the other end =)