Sunday, August 25, 2013


The awesome people at LOCK LACES™ sent me a few of their Elastic Shoelace & Fastening Systems to try out. I was excited to give them a go.

They sent me a few pairs (two of which I put in my running shoes and one that will go in Ryan's running shoes - although he is a little 'superstitious' about putting them on the week before his first half marathon, so he is planning on lacing up his shoes with the LOCK LACES™ after next weekend) and even allowed me to choose the colors - hot pink, yellow, and royal blue.

The lock incorporates a sliding, spring activated device. The locks are made from a strong, durable nylon and use a high-tension alloy spring that won’t rust or corrode. The locking device holds the laces in place so they stay secure and maintain the same constant tension on the foot never loosening.

The innovative curved tips of the laces allow the wearer to lace shoes easily through the eyelet configurations in athletic shoes. The laces are made with multi-banded strands of elastic (the same elastic used for bungee cords) that won’t break or dry rot. The elastic laces give you greater flexibility with a tighter, more comfortable fit than cotton or nylon shoelaces.

The LOCK LACES Advantage™
With LOCK LACES™ patented "elastic shoelace and fastening system" you have a product that is high tech with low maintenance. Worry free LOCK LACES™ provide a better fit for improved performance.

Source - LOCK LACES™

Such a great idea. Not only for athletes, but for kids, seniors, individuals with special needs, and the list goes on and on. I know I may be too much of a planner for some, but I think these would be a GREAT stocking stuffer for Christmas (hey, it is 4 months from today - better start your shopping!).

Ryan and I took some photos and created a little shop-motion project to show the ease of which the LOCK LACES™ can be put into your shoes. Take a peak:

We also did a video to show the difference in speed of tying a standard shoelace vs. cinching down your LOCK LACES™. I think it really shows why so many athletes (especially triathletes trying to cut down on their transition time) love this product.

This evening I did a 3-mile run with one shoe still having a standard lace in and the other with the LOCK LACES™. They felt great. Not too tight (I was actually a little worried about it, since they are the bungee material, I was nervous that I would tighten them up too much and have to stop during the run to loosen and readjust them - but they were totally fine), not too loose, they were just right! Also, STAY TUNED to my Dumbo Double Dare recaps because I plan on wearing these during those 19.3 miles!

Now that I am totally sold on them, I am 100% comfortable on switching out all of my standard laces for LOCK LACES™. I would HIGHLY recommend trying them out. If you haven't seen them at a retailer near you, please pick up a pair online. PS Just a side note, but I LOVE that they are sold at Meijer!!

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Crickettsmom said...

Thanks for all the info Carlee! I loved the videos. I fall into the 'special needs' category, I think I'll stop by Meijer's tomorrow and pick up a couple pair and give them a try!