Saturday, August 31, 2013

California Adventure

Yesterday, after we went to the Expo and the Bacon Challenge MeetUp, we decided to hit up the parks a little (we were lucky enough to have our annual passes NOT blacked out, since they have been all summer).

It was extremely warm (when we checked into the hotel around 2pm the thermometer on the car said it was 98*), so we made sure to bring in water bottles that we were able to fill up (for free) at the drinking fountains around the park. [Ryan even suggested I ask some of the food stands for ice and every time they kindly gave me a large cup of ice that I put in the bottle.]

When we made it into California Adventure it seemed empty. I mean, not extremely empty, but for what I was expecting it was empty! I was assuming it would be packed due to the race, holiday weekend, and a Friday.

We were able to walk right onto California Screamin',

[we took a fun picture, where we were both looking and pointing off into the distance, but the glare on the screens was super bad, so the picture didn't turn out on my phone]

ride the Silly Symphony Swings twice (we actually asked them if we could just stay on a second time, since there wasn't a long line and they let us - how fun),

drop in to the Tower of Terror,

and grab some fun photos around the park all within about 2 hours.

Pluto wanted HUGS

We didn't end up making it over to Disneyland (we were originally planning on heading back over after we grabbed pizza to hit up a few rides and watch the fireworks), but decided we would get the extra rest.

All-in-all it was a pretty great, quick trip - which reminded me of why we love going!


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