Wednesday, March 6, 2013


We decided that since the Princess Half Marathon would be done in the early morning hours on Sunday - seeing as it started before the butt-crack of dawn (I promise, I will write up my recap about the race soon) - we would need to find something to do Sunday afternoon/ evening.

Ryan decided to do the planning. It was down to his big three ideas. First - Gator Swamp Boats. Next - Medieval Times. Last - Bowling. We decided that we would probably have to drive a ways for the air boats and we weren't too into it, so that idea went out the window. Ryan called to see about getting us reservations for Medieval Times (yep, we checked, they even have vegetarian options). When he called they only had openings at 8pm. Since I had been up since 2:45am EST (meaning 11:45pm PST), had run 13.1 miles, and then didn't take a nap like everyone else, I decided that I probably wouldn't make it that late - not to mention I had to wake up around 4:30am to take Ryan to the airport the next morning. (Thankfully they have one out by us, so we decided when my parents come out next we will hit it up out here.) With the two first choice picks ruled out, I bet you can guess where we ended up.

Splitsville in Downtown Disney was the spot!

We had called earlier in the day and they said that you could get reservations on Friday and Saturday, but the rest of the week was just walk-ins. We headed over around 4 or so. When we got there they said that the wait for a lane was about 90 minutes. We decided to sit down and eat first. Four of us ordered pizza (Ryan had his left overs for breakfast on the way to the airport the following morning and my dad and I had ours for dinner the following night), one of us had a burger and fries and the other had a salad. All of the food was yummy (think high-class bowling alley - I mean they serve a full sushi menu for pete's sake). Around the time we were finishing up with our meal our buzzer went off letting us know our lane was ready.

The cool thing is that they will transfer your food and drinks up to your lane for you - so if you are still eating dinner when your lane gets ready they will bring everything to the lane for you and you can finish your food at the tables there. Or if the lane is ready when you show up, you can just order your food and drinks directly from your lane. [The folks in the lane next to us were eating their pizza right at their lane - which made me think I was actually glad we ate first, that way we were able to focus on bowling (since it is a pretty penny for the limited time you get) and so we didn't have our pizza fingers in our bowling balls.]

We had six of us on the one lane and we ended up getting in two full games and then a couple extra frames in an hour and fourty-five miutes. We all had a great time - except for my dad. His experience at Splitsville will be his last bowling excursion EVER (inside Padot joke :) ). We didn't take too many pictures (I guess we were too focused on kicking some bowling booty), but I did have to make sure I got a picture of me with my Minnie Bowling Ball (I mean we were in Downtown Disney!).

We all had a great time. It is a pretty penny, but I guess that can be expected when it comes to Disney. If you are looking for an upscale bowling adventure, you will definitely find it at Splitsville.

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