Saturday, March 2, 2013

(Almost) Perfect Bike Ride

This morning I went on a 22 mile bike ride. The weather was gorgeous. When I started it was in the 50*s and by the time I got back home it was about 65*. It was beautiful. While I was heading east I was able to stare at the snow capped mountains. My trip took me as far west as the Pacific Ocean.

We are soooooo beyond blessed to live where we do. I hope you have taken a moment to just be THANKFUL for all that we have. I spent the first half of my ride focusing on all the things I am grateful for (and the second half kickin' some booty and cruising around town).

The only thing that would have made it better would have been if Ryan would have been able to come along. He went to the doctor yesterday afternoon and was diagnosed with some sort of virus (probably picked it up on the plane ride back from Florida). He slept in this morning, so he wasn't able to cruise along with me - but hopefully storing up enough energy for our 4 mile run tomorrow morning :).

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