Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fast Four

Yesterday I had a great run. I have a 15K tomorrow morning, so I decided to just do an easy 4 miles - or at least I was planning on going out easy (thinking about doing 9-10 minute mile pace). My first mile was fairly speedy, even when I was trying to keep it slow. So, of course, I decided since I was only doing 4 miles that I would try to kick it into high gear. I went out and really tried to have negative splits (which means each mile is faster than the mile before). I did it - and it felt great!

Mile 1 - 8:39

Mile 2 - 8:20

Mile 3 - 8:09

Mile 4 - 7:59

Normally I go out too fast, and always peak around mile 2-5 (depending on the length of the run). I have never really been able to keep my pace in check for the first few miles. Maybe it is my fresh legs, maybe it is my excitement for the open road, maybe it is still being a new runner. But yesterday I was able to do it!

It was great weather, a strong run, and then had an AMAZING night (full of hockey, fights, game night, etc).  [Recap of the hockey game to come soon]

The wild flowers are in full bloom right now, so I decided on my walk back to the car I would take a couple pictures of the beautiful scenery that is Downtown Carlsbad.

Adventure Mobiles a-plenty :)

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