Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Standoff with NO ONE

San Diego Cops Find Nothing In 2-Hour Standoff With Empty Car

A tense, two-hour standoff between armed San Diego Police and an empty car on the freeway ended with no injuries -- just questions.

The red-faced cops can be seen on Fox 5's helicopter footage pointing guns at a dark-colored sedan on Interstate 8 -- apparently for more than two hours before they moved in to take down their target.

But there was nobody in the vehicle.

Police officials said that the suspect they were looking for -- an unidentified man who was on parole -- was a suspect in a home invasion on Tuesday. He called his parole officer, saying that he'd broken down on the interstate and would be late for his mandatory meeting, the station reported.

Cops found the vehicle on the highway and surrounded it, thinking that their home invasion suspect was hiding inside. They even sent a canine to check the vehicle, but the pup found nothing.

The suspect, whose name police haven't yet released, is considered armed and dangerous.

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