Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mini Shopping Spree

I went on a mini shopping spree this weekend. For those of you that know me well, know that I do NOT like spending money, especially on myself. Well, Ry and I went out to a couple stores (Ross, Marshalls, Target) and I decided to pick up a few things. At Ross I found these super cute Simple shoes. Simple is going out of business (but Zappos will continue selling the shoes for a while it looks like, which is why they were popping up at Ross. I thought these were just a cute pair of little tennis shoes. AND the soles 'self destruct' in 20 years :)

Then when we went to Marshalls I picked up a few running items - 2 sports bras and a bar of capri/ shorts. I thought that if I was going to stay excited about running then I should pamper myself with a few new items :) Right now I only have boring white sports bras and black yoga like pants to work out in. So I thought I would change it up (even though no one sees the sports bras), especially for when the weather starts warming up and I need shorter pants.

All in all I think my shopping spree was only like $60, but hey, I was excited (and pretty proud that I got all the stuff and didn't feel guilty about it afterwards). PS Forgive the picture quality, I didn't feel right spending money and using the good camera to take pictures of it, hehe, just kidding - but I took the pictures quickly on Ryan's phone.

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