Thursday, February 16, 2012

Engagement Anniversary

4 years ago today Ryan asked me to marry him :)

3.5 years ago today Ryan and I got married :)

And oh, 8.5 years ago (not an exact like the other two dates) Ryan and I started dating :)

Here are just a few pictures from those land marks.

This is a picture of Ry and I in Florida the summer before we started dating (summer 2003) when we were living in Orlando and working at Universal Studios. We are holding hands behind Ryan's knee.

This is a picture of the morning we got engaged. (Ryan asked me to marry him while we were geo caching, and he ""found"" my engagement ring in the cache). 02.16.08

These pictures are from our 'engagement photo shoot'. We went to the beach and a school park to take the pictures. And yes, we just used a tripod and auto timer on the point and shoot camera :)

And the last two are from our wedding. Aren't we so cute?! :) 08.16.08

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Anonymous said...

i heart these people soooo much!