Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Tonight Ry and I were playing around on Skype. Normally we use it to video chat with our families back in Michigan. This time we were setting it up for when he is in Australia. Since he has the old iPhone, he doesn't have the phone on the front. We figured out that he will have to stand in front of a mirror, that way I can see him (in the camera) and he can see me in the reflection of the mirror. It was humorous trying to set up two Skype accounts and then trying it in the condo to make sure we had all of the kinks worked out. As long as he has WiFi we think it will work. Oh yeah, and and as long as we can get the time difference [and our schedules] to work out :)

Of COURSE I had to take some snapshots of us trying it out, me in the living room and him in the bathrooms...

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