Friday, August 26, 2011


Okay, you may think I am lame, but when I see a contest or giveaway I ENTER. It hasn't always been like that. Of COURSE I have ALWAYS loved free stuff, but I haven't always entered contests. My old thinking was 'I never win, why waste my time?'. This changed about a year ago when Ryan and I won a FREE TRIP TO COSTA RICA! The trip was through Dole. We were notified back in October or so of last year, but didn't get our hopes up in case it was just a joke or spam.... but it wasn't! And since then my thinking about contests has shifted to 'Someone HAS to win, why couldn't it be me?' Which leads to me my post this morning.

The last week or so I had been putting entries into a contest that Beardowear was having. They had teamed up with beepart and were giving away $75 to beepart's store. The entries were easy (you just had to post on Facebook and put the two company's names in the post). This morning I woke up to an email that said:

""Beardowear wrote: "This was indeed the lucky one!! Congrats.. send us your email through the site and we'll put you in touch with beepart!" ""

It was in response to my entry from yesterday that said "Last entry for Beardowear and beepart... Maybe it is the lucky one :)"

HOW AWESOME!! Beardowear even has me listed on their website as a winner :)

Check out beepart's website when you get a chance, because they have SOOOOO many AWESOME vinyls that it is going to be VERY hard to stop at just $75 worth :) AND PS - THANKS TO BEARDOWEAR AGAIN FOR PUTTING ON THE CONTEST!!!

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