Sunday, August 21, 2011

Grand Canyon

Okay, I know I still have to finish posting about our Vegas trip from last weekend, so here goes.

On Saturday we took a bus tour to the Grand Canyon. It was quite the excursion. We left the hotel at 6:30am and didn't get back till probably 9pm. None of us had been to the Grand Canyon before, so it was AWESOME to see. We also all decided that although the bus ride was LONG, we would much rather someone else drive it than us :) Ryan took TONS of pictures while we were there, so to get the full effect you may have to click through the album here and here, but at least this gives you a good oveview.

Oops, maybe Ryan shouldn't have sat next to me... I have to entertain myself somehow when my hubby is sleeping :)

My padres on the bus:

We stopped at a couple strange stops to and from the canyon, so any photo opt, you KNOW I am there:

You tend to go a little crazy when you are on a bus for that long:

Sign shots:

Oh yeah, and the Grand Canyon shots (with us in front of it, of course)!

And on the way back we drove over the new Hoover Dam bridge. Although we didn't stop, the bus driver did slow down enough to let us take a few pictures of it (most didn't turn out too stellar, since it was night time, shooting through a window, and on a moving bus), but it was still amazing to see it:

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