Friday, April 29, 2011

Voting Time :)

Alright, I need some input. Ryan and I are looking for some outdoor furniture for our balcony. I don't want to give it all away, because I think it sounds lame (if you don't see the picture in my head, hehe), so for now I will just say that I need help picking out fabric (YES, I AM GOING TO TRY AND HAND SEW CUSHIONS :) ).

What are your top 2 fabrics? (We are going to have it on our balcony right outside our living room, so you will be able to see the fabric from the main part of our house - even though it will be outside) NO PARTICULAR ORDER BELOW (just the order I saw them on the Joann Fabric website)









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everything.beautiful said...

Number 8 and 6. Even though I like the colors in 4, personally not a fan of anything that reminds me of victorian or the movie the shining. I don't know WHY that reminds me of it, but it does! However my dear friend - this is YOUR house and you know what blends best with your other stuff :) I'm sure however you do it, it will be beautiful just like you :)