Saturday, April 16, 2011

Geo Caching

This afternoon the summer weather was out, so we decided to go do a little geo caching. We went over to Calavera Park in Carlsbad. We found 5 caches, along with some other goodies. I found a arrow (with the tip gone) that we used to bushwhack with, a deer toy, a container that we could use for another geo cache, and A RATTLE SNAKE! When we were hiking around I asked Ryan 'So what do I do if I see a rattler?' He said, 'Stay calm and still' Probably 25 minutes later we walked up, heard the rattle, and saw the BIG snake. And what do I do? Yell and take off running across a stream. Oh well, neither of us got bit and we had a fun story to tell about it. And of course Mr. Ryan - the photographer - took tons of pictures (none of the rattler, because we were too freaked out). Here are a few of them:

A few more of the pictures (that I approved) are here.


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