Monday, April 11, 2011

Candle Making

Ryan and I started a new hobby this weekend - CANDLE MAKING :) I LOVE candles (maybe it has something to do with the smell, the mood that they set, or just the fact that I love fire :) ). Anyway, whenever jar candles are on sale I pick up a bunch. I can never just get rid of the empty jars, so I have been collecting them for a while now. I decided that maybe we should try making our own candles, since we already had the holders. We hit up Michaels to pick up the supplies (wax, a 'jug' to melt the wax in, some scents (Ryan chose Mulberry for the first batch), some crayons to use to dye the wax, and some wicks). I think that for the first try it came out pretty good (we used 1 crayon - 'Lemony Lime' and it turned out more yellow, so I think for future candles we will have to use at least 1.5 crayons). We still have 4 more jars that are empty, but we ran out of wax this time around (this first one was more of a trial run to see how much of everything we would need).

Of COURSE I would love to quit my day job and just be a craft-er for my full time job, but since that doesn't seem to be a reality anytime soon, we will probably just continue making the candles for our personal use and maybe for some gifts. (I guess my Scrabble pendants, sea glass charms, modge podged jars, and now candles will just sit in the closet, hehe)

PS I noticed today (and Ryan agreed) that the color is more of a MOUNTAIN DEW shade :) Maybe we will have to start making SODA candles :)


everything.beautiful said...

Love this idea!! The important thing is - how does it SMELL?? I love candles - but only ones that actually continue to smell yummy after being burned the first time :)
Good luck!! It's pretty. You, however, scare me with that knife in your hands....
Just jokin :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Car,
Sorry I haven't commented lately, but the colors that my computer has, green background with blue letters, makes it extremely difficult to read. Is there a way I could adjust it that you know of? Love and miss you alot!!!