Saturday, April 23, 2011

Rob Machado Pro Jr

One of the perks of having your husband working at a surf company, is that we get the prem-o seats at surf contests, hehe. Today we went down to Cardiff where Reef was co hosting (with Hurley) the Rob Machado Pro Jr contest. Ryan had a some of his work up (see the art below that was all over the photo booth), which was cool to see. We hung out at the Reef booth for a while, picked up some gear (giant sandal blow up raft), played a little mini corn-hole, and of course had to get some pictures done in the photo booth.

The photos aren't loaded on the website yet, but once they are I am sure I will post them. You can at least go to the Photobooth Company's website and see Ryan's artwork there too. Ryan met the guy that co-owns the company (who actually does art for Chemistry too), so maybe in the future Ry will be able to do work with them too :)

PS You can "Get Rob'd" on the website... Here are our pictures... Let me see yours!

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