Sunday, April 3, 2011

Not Over Till HE Says

Haiti's Election Will Be Over When This Man Says It's Over

On Tuesday, Haiti's electoral council issued the 91st communique of the election season: It was a note to advise the public that results will be delayed again. Few were surprised.

Haiti's presidential elections were first scheduled for Feb. 28, 2010. After the earthquake, new elections were organized for November. Like the "recovery," the elections have moved at a glacial pace.

"I'm telling you, they don't give the results, this country is going to burn down," a Port-au-Prince voter named Serge said.

Haiti's been besieged by decades of dictatorship, coups and opportunism. No one would begrudge the average conspiracy theorist. But with the latest delay, rumors reached new heights.

Machetes have sold out in the marketplace, the radio reported. The city is "hot," people said. Some aid workers have already made arrangements to evacuate.

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