Monday, February 28, 2011

Getting Back On It

This morning on my way to work I kept thinking about the quote that says something about getting back on the horse that threw you off.

Today was the first time back on the scooter after the tire had been repaired. Now don't get me wrong, I never actually fell on the scooter, I was just really freaked out (I think if I would have had to go any further I might have stopped to cry on the side of the road). The back end was fishtailing (now all I know is what it felt like, not how much was actually noticeable from other drivers), I couldn't turn, etc. Because of the slight freak-out the last 2 times I had ridden it, I was a little hesitant about getting back on it. I still think I went slower than normal to and from work today. Also, I took turns a lot slower than I had in the past. I was just nervous that it wouldn't actually hold me on the turns (like it had felt those last two times when the tire was flat). Thankfully I don't work TOO far away from home (I think the route that I take right now is about 10.5 miles each way) and I allot extra time for the travel.

I know, I am probably being Miss. Drama Queen, but it really freaked me out the last time I rode it. But I figured if we would have just sold it and I didn't get back on it I probably wouldn't want a scooter again in the future (just because I would have had a bad taste in my mouth), but since I have GOTTEN BACK ON THE "HORSE" I think the future very well may hold another scoot-scoot for me :)

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everything.beautiful said...

Aww! Good job Carlee :) The only way to handle fear is to face it head on! To quote Dora the Explorer (and no, we don't watch it lol!) You did it, you did it! Good work :) Never allow fear to hold you hostage!