Saturday, February 26, 2011

Costa Rica

Ryan and I got a reimbursement check today for our Costa Rica trip (they ended up charging our credit card at the hotel for a few nights, instead of using it just to authorize any additional charges). Anyway, we sat down and actually looked at it, and it looks like we paid less than $150 for the trip :)

$50 Parking at the San Diego Airport
$35 CD of Ziplining Photos (we didn't need to get this, but since we didn't pay for the actual ziplining we thought we would)
$30 Food at the airport on the way there and on the way back
$15 Snacks
$20 Souveiniers (Ryan bought some coffee and we got a few dollars in coins and a post card)

HOW AWESOME, huh?! Especially for only having to enter our email address online to win the trip in the first place :)

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