Sunday, February 20, 2011


Oh no. I think the time may have come.

'For what?' you ask.

To sell the scooter.

I KNOW! What a sad day, huh? But it might be about that time.

'Why? you ask.

Well it has mostly to do with the elements and distance to my new job. I know, we live in Southern California, so 'what elements?' you ask. It actually does rain here (although if you saw what was considered "rain" or "weather" here you would probably laugh so hard you wet yourself). Also, I was riding about 3 miles to work at my last job - which was just about perfect scooter distance. It took about 10 minutes or so and I was there. Now my job is a little over 10 miles away, which takes me closer to 25 minutes (with all of the lights). The roads that I have to take are bigger, which means I am now riding faster, which tends to be a little COLDER.

Anyway, nothing is set in stone yet. We still have the scooter and will for a while I'm sure, but we have at least both discussed that we would be okay (but very sad) about having to sell it for an enclosed vehicle.

With that being said, we are starting to look for cars to buy. We have been looking at the Ford Focus (which I have had before) or the Chevy Aveo. I think it will mostly come down to what sort of family discount we can get on the Aveo if we go for that one or not.

I know... what a depressing post... but I guess it might be good news for you, since the scoot-scoot will be on the market and could soon be YOURS :)

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Michelle Boyea said...

I have had that Aveo for 3 years and its a great little car. I learned how to drive a stick and everything. It also easier to do the routine engine maintenance on and its cheaper than the focus.