Saturday, January 1, 2011

Toledo Walleye

The day after Christmas we went to the Toledo Walleye game. They are in their second season as a Triple A hockey team.

We are a professional ice hockey team that is an affiliate of the Detroit Red Wings and Chicago Blackhawks of the NHL. And as such, are not only a great entertainment venue, but also a great source of pride for our region and especially for our fans.

We decided that it might be more fun to go to a 'little league' game than say a Pistons or Red Wings game. And it was closer to the house.

The Walleye won 4-1 (we must have brought some Christmas luck, because they are the worst in their division. We had seats right behind the penalty box. There weren't any fights, which is what Ryan and I WANTED, but we be definitely made the most of it.

Of course I had to get my picture taken with all of the characters - Spike - the Walleye, Muddy - the MudHen, Catrick - the Catfish.

During the 2nd intermission we were able to throw these foam pucks into the center of the rink to try and hit the bulls-eye. We didn't win, but it raised money for a good cause (I think).

And then someone threw a WALLEYE (not at the same time, after the first goal... sort of like the squids at the Wings games).

And this was when we had just scored goal #3.

And me holding mom's head.

And then THE WIN!

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