Monday, January 17, 2011

Fill Up

I just got back from filling up the scooter. I have been tracking my miles since the last fill-up. I GOT 77 MILES THIS TIME! And my tank holds just under a tank! I think that is PRETTY AWESOME!! When we took the scooter to get services about 2 weeks ago, the guys suggested that we use the premium gas (instead of the low grade, which we usually fill it up with). He said we would probably get more miles per gallon and it would run smoother. Since I can only put in less than a gallon at a time, I figure I might as well (I mean it is only the matter of pennies, since I don't have a huge tank). I think I was getting probably 60 miles per tank before, and now I am over 75! I LOVE THE SCOOT-SCOOT!

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