Friday, January 21, 2011

Cut The Cord

So Ryan and I have been talking about this for the last month and will actually be canceling our cable on Monday, doing exactly what they are talking about in this article.

How We Cut the Cord and Now Enjoy (Almost) Free TV

...After cutting the cord, stopping the service and returning the devices, we needed to initially connect our computer to the TV. We use a PC and bought a converter box called PCtoTV from a company called Kworld as well as a VGA signal splitter. Now we take the VGA signal from the PC into the splitter, with one feed going to our desktop monitor, and the other VGA feed going to the converter. The device converts the signal to S-VIDEO, which we then connect to an input on our TV. Audio comes from the computer speakers, but can also be fed to the TV. Everything looks and sounds great, but we cannot watch in true HD....

...All of these methods rely on a good high speed Internet connection as the backbone. We are lucky that AT & T is offering a promotion in our area in Los Angeles for $19.99 a month for their "pro" level U-Verse DSL service rated at 6 megs download speed, the minimum speed you need to really watch video content.

So instead of paying $90 a month to Time-Warner, we are paying $7.99 a month just for Netflix, and all the other programming we watch is free. We also pay for the Internet access, but use that for other things beyond just watching video, and save a lot each and every month.

The rest of the article here.

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