Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Waving Polar Bear

Ryan LOVES polar bears, so when I saw this story I just had to post it :)

Caught on Camera: Polar Bear Waves at Photographer!

After nearly a dozen visits to the Philadelphia Zoo, photographer Michael S. Confer had almost given up on getting a photo of swimming polar bears, but then he pulled off a stunner: an amazing shot of a polar bear named Coldilocks giving him a wave, reports the Telegraph.

A longtime member of the Philadelphia Zoo, Confer, 39, decided last year that he would try to take a photo of the polar bears swimming in their exhibit. With the magnificent bears' recent addition to the endangered species list, Confer thought the photograph would be timely. "The zoo is about 10 minutes from our house and every month, my wife and I would take our daughter for a visit," Confer explains to Paw Nation.

Once at the zoo, he'd always make a beeline for the polar bear exhibit, but Confer never saw the polar bears swim. "They're supposed to spend the majority of their life in the pool, and I can't even see 'em take a quick dip," Confer remembers. "They were always laying around sleeping."

More of the article here.

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