Monday, December 7, 2009

Double Rainbow

The rain stopped for about 5 minutes, so I decided I would run down to the Post Office to get our Christmas Cards in the mail. On the walk back it looked like it was going to rain again, so I started walking a little faster still. I had my hood up, looking down, and my coat buttoned to the top. I took a minute to look up when I was crossing the street and saw it... A DOUBLE RAINBOW. I was almost home so decided to run in the house and grab my camera. When I got back outside the drizzle had started again and the rainbow had almost disappeared. I tried to get a few pictures - they didn't turn out too great, but you get the idea.

Part of the rainbow:

The other side of the rainbow:

The front tree that is almost uprooted from the wind:

And half of the ornaments (that they just decorated yesterday) have blown off and broken:

Look at the cool clouds... Before it starts raining again:

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Anonymous said...

wowzerz....pretty narly for so. cal.