Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Java Logs

Of course we don't have a fire place in our SoCal apartment (I WANT one though :) ), but I saw a little article about these in my Shape magazine and looked up more about them.

Java Logs

A Greener Firelog

While flipping through an engineering textbook, a tiny fact with huge implications caught inventor Rod Sprules’s eye: coffee grounds have more energy capacity than cordwood when combusted.

He got to thinking, and soon realized that two recent cultural trends could work together. Neighborhood coffeehouses and awareness of the need for a sustainable lifestyle were experiencing a groundswell of support all over North America. So he asked himself, what if we used coffee grounds from retail outlets, manufacturing plants, office buildings, and homes for hearth fires? The Java-Log® Firelog concept was born.

Java-Log® Firelog advantages include:
**Diverts 12 million pounds of coffee grounds from landfills per year
**Emits up to 78% less carbon monoxide and up to 66% less creosote than cordwood fires
**Features renewable all natural-based waxes

Check out more about them here. (You can also buy them cheaper on :) )

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