Monday, December 7, 2009

Crappy Drivers

It has been raining since before I woke up this morning, so at least a good 12 hours. I think the high today was 50 degrees. The wind is insane, I mean honestly the palm trees look like there might be a slight hurricane blowing in. (There are even parts of San Diego County having Blackouts right now) All that being said, COME ON DRIVERS! I don't mean to generalize, but man, the drivers in California are TERRIBLE when it is anything but sunny outside (thankfully it is 70 and sunny 95% of the year in San Diego). I've heard all the excuses... The streets are much more slippery because all of the oils and stuff get washed up with the water, etc. I still can't believe how crap-tastic the driving is when it gets wet out. People don't know how to drive (either going 5 mph on the expressway because they are so nervous or flying 100 mph with no regard for other life on the roads). I think tomorrow is the rain is supposed to stop tomorrow, so hopefully the driving will improve soon after that :).

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