Monday, November 30, 2009

Master Fisher

I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I was quite the master fisherman this weekend. I caught 4 turtles (oops, those were accidents, hehe), one 10 inch catfish, one 14 inch bass, and about 12-15 blue gills. Dad almost got a 24 inch (or so) carp in the 'boat' but he was horsing it too much a lost it, hehe. I know that when you flip through most of the pictures you will see Ryan and dad showing off most of the fish, but in fact most of them were mine, I just didn't want to touch them, hehe.

Catfish (his tail was up, he was a little longer than this (PS That is dad's hand):

I was stoked. The big ones came out after dark:

He was a little over 2 shakas long:

Big bass:

I think Kyle would be proud (WE SURE DID MISS YOU THERE THIS WEEKEND KY!)!! More Thanksgiving fishing pictures here.

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Anonymous said...

it was a CARP...not silly girl ;)