Friday, December 11, 2009

One Book Down

One book down! So I had this idea around the time that Ryan and I got married last year to start a 'journal'. It isn't a journal per say, more of a book that we can write in, draw in, paste things in, doodle in, etc. I thought it would be a cool way that we could remind each other that we love the other one, just little notes (for example, thanking Ryan for taking out the garbage, Ryan talking about looking forward to hanging out with me during the weekend, etc). I normally write in the book in the afternoons after I get home and Ryan normally writes in it in the morning before he leaves for work. Yesterday we finished our first book. The first entry was on 9.9.08. It took us 15 months to finish a journal. I don't know if that is a good pace or not, hehe, since it was our first one, but I am glad that we stuck with it. Ryan and I are both looking forward to going out and picking up a new book this weekend that we can start up again.

What do you do to remind those around you that you love them?

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