Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cute Bag!

How cute!!

Freak-O-Bags Monster, Frankenstein & Mummy

Check it out here. PS See the 10% coupon in the previous post.

Special introductory price
A bag that’s almost impossible to forget
Each one is handmade and unique
Made from durable, machine-washable polyester
Opens to a full-size shopping bag, folds into attached pouch
Hook it onto your key chain, belt loop or backpack
Long handles, fits over shoulder
Fair Wage & Labor, made in Thailand
Available in more styles

When we first saw these kooky shopping bags we thought, “cute, but do they work?” After testing them ourselves and noting not just the great reaction they get from other shoppers, but also that they’re up to our standards of strength and durability, we were sold. The fact that they’re handmade in a small Fair Trade factory and no two are alike make them unlike anything we’ve seen.

Please note: These bags are handmade and each one is unique - the colors and patterns of the facial features and bodies, including the ribbons and buttons, are randomly chosen.

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