Thursday, July 9, 2009


Ryan and I are planning on going SKYDIVING for our anniversary!! Next month it will be our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY :) YAY!! Read the write up that is on the Pacific Coast Skydiving Site!!

Before your jump, you will have a 15 minute class on how to help your instructor make your skydive the safest and most exciting skydive! After learning the basics of the tandem skydive, your instructor will help you into your harness and perform a safety check on the gear. Feel free to ask your instructor about safety checks.

Walking to the airplane comes next and it may be the most intimidating part. You are not quite sure what to expect as you climb into your seat in the airplane. When you hear the engine roar you feel a surge of energy and know you are ready.

At about 3000 feet (3 minutes after takeoff), you will start your scenic flight over the Ocean. You will see the San Diego Skyline, The Pacific, Mexico and the whole Southern Cal Coastline. Don’t forget to ask about your in-flight meal. It's free with every skydive.

At 5000 feet, your instructor may show you his altimeter and tell you this is the altitude he will be opening the parachute. Enthusiastic first timers may be able to pull the parachute themselves so be sure to ask if you are interested.

Finally, over two miles above the Ocean, your instructor will ask you to assist him in getting ready for the skydive. You will know it's time to go when the door opens and the wind comes whirling through the plane.

Right before you jump the camera will be pointing at you as you look back into the plane at your friends. READY,,, SET<<< GO!!!!!! Don’t forget to smile. 120 mph of freefall for over 40 seconds. You feel like you are flying as your video camera captures it all.

When your parachute opens, you will feel the wind stop and you will be peacefully floating down from 5000 feet. Your parachute ride lasts about 7 minutes. You can steer the parachute and ask your instructor questions about the jump. Remember to look around at all the beautiful scenery but don’t worry because your video will capture everything.

Landing back at the landing area will surprise you with the ease that people land their parachutes. When you watch, you will see them landing as if they were stepping off of their front porch.

When you are done, you can enjoy a refreshment and a sandwich at our Airport Restaurant.


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